Heat Exchangers For The HVAC Industry

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Heat Exchangers For The HVAC IndustryHeat Exchangers for the HVAC Industry

Heat Exchangers Online is a supplier of heat exchangers and other related products for the HVAC and process industries. We provide low maintenance and durable heat exchangers with unique designs and high heat transfer rates. Not only will our heat exchangers work for your industrial or residential environment, however severe the conditions, they will require very little maintenance to continue doing so - saving you considerable time and money.

What are heat exchangers? They are devices specifically designed for the efficient transfer of heat from one fluid to another fluid over a solid surface. This transfer of heat can either take the form of absorption or dissipation of heat. Heat exchangers can be found in everyday equipment from boilers, furnaces, refrigerators to air conditioning systems.

How can heat exchangers be put to use for you?
As a heat transfer device, it is the function of a heat exchanger to transfer heat as efficiently as possible. This makes it the ultimate device of choice, for instance, when it comes to saving energy by recovering wasted heat and making it useful again. When there is a waste of energy or a heat stream that is not recovered, a heat exchanger can covert that heat stream into something that we can use.

Industrial applications may include but are not limited to:

  • oil coolers
  • transmission and engine coolers
  • boiler coolers
  • waste water heat recovery
  • chilled water systems
  • ground water systems
  • condensers and evaporators in refrigeration systems
  • close approach fluid-to-fluid heat transfer

Residential applications may include but are not limited to:

  • radiant floor heating
  • pool heaters
  • snow and ice melting
  • domestic hot water
  • central, solar and geothermal heating

We offer three types of heat exchangers. Each design offers its own unique advantages for particular applications.

Brazed heat exchangers are a collection of plates, vacuum brazed together with no gaskets, reducing leakage. They are compact, lightweight and have a high turbulent flow, which also reduces deposit build-up and maintenance. They are available in Plate configurations and Chevron Patterns to suit your needs. The brazed heat exchanger is ideal for hydronic systems like swimming pools, spas, radiant floor heating, domestic hot water and snow and ice melting.

Shell and tube heat exchangers are composed of copper u-tubes in a carbon steel shell, are easy to clean and inspect, very durable, and are a simple solution for tube expansion. Their coil and baffle arrangement maximizes heat transfer performance. The rugged and reliable shell and tube heat exchanger is perfect for process systems where conditions and materials are often extremely corrosive and abrasive.

Shell and coil heat exchangers are composed of circular layers of helically corrugated tubes within a light compact shell. They are high efficiency machines with a vertical installation, flexible design and low maintenance. If space is limited, these heat exchangers could be the perfect solution for you.


Beginning with one major product line in the field of heat transfer, Heat Exchangers Online has earned the confidence of world-renowned manufacturers who have given us the responsibility of representing and distributing their heat exchange products. For a brief history of our company click here.

Today, we are a leading distributor of heat exchangers for a diversified range of industries including: chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, food and beverages, power and utilities, HVAC.

Heat Exchangers Online is an organization dedicated to meeting customer needs by providing high quality products, a superior level of technical expertise and efficient service.

Please note that all our heat exchangers are available for immediate delivery.

Do you still have questions? We invite you to call or email us today for more information. We'll be happy to provide you with a heat exchanger that matches your specific needs.

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