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Pool Heaters for Swimming Pools

Heat exchangers provide economical and efficient alternatives to direct fired pool heaters. We offer several types of pool heaters for heating swimming pools. Our CN Series pool heaters provide a simple method of heating salt water and chlorinated pools indirectly from a central heating boiler. Unlike conventional direct fired pool heaters which are inefficient consumers of natural gas or heating fuel with efficiencies ranging from 50 to 65%, central heating boilers operate with efficiencies in the 80 to 95% range. Therefore an additional benefit of using our pool heaters is that their use results in a significant reduction in natural gas consumption. We also offer a wide range of pool heaters constructed of stainless steel 316 and titanium.

Pool Heaters

Heat Exchangers for Salt Water Swimming Pools

Heat Exchangers for Salt Water Swimming Pools
salt water pool heatersWe offer the CN series heat exchanger which can withstand the corrosive effects of salt water. Units are constructed of corrosion resistant cupro-nickel tubes and bronze end covers. See CN Series pool heatersWe offer titanium swimming pool heaters for both standard chlorinated pools and salt water pools. Our pool heaters provide a simple method of heating pool water indirectly from a central heating boiler. See Titanium Series
Heat Exchangers for Chlorine Water Swimming Pools  
pool heatersWe offer the SS-Series swimming pool heat exchangers for standard swimming pools. The SS-Series pool heaters are constructed of stainless steel 316. See SS-Series.  

Main Benefits of our Pool Heat Exchangers:

  • All of our pool heat exchangers are manufactured with corrosion resistant materials and are selected based on each individual application.
  • Due to the high flow rates through the heat exchangers, they are inherently self cleaning.
  • Low pressure drop is achievable in these units as they are designed for high flow rates.
  • Easy selection based on pool volume.
  • Units kept in stock for immediate delivery.

Heat Exchanger Applications

  • Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs
  • Solar Heated Pools
  • Domestic Hot Water
  • Sea Water Applications
  • Waste Water Heat Recovery

Please note that all pool heaters are available for immediate delivery.

Do you still have questions? We invite you to call or email us today for more information. We'll be happy to provide you with a pool heater or heat exchanger that matches your specific needs.

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