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Our heat exchangers are used throughout the heating and cooling industry. For more information about our products follow the links below.

PRODUCTS_airtowaterthumb_changeHTL Air to Water Heat Exchangers

Our air to water heat exchangers are a great fit for a variety of heating and cooling applications, including residential heating and air conditioning. They are designed to maximize heat transfer by using a series of 3/8″ copper tubes with a high density of aluminum fins. See our HTL series Air to Water Heat Exchangers


home_swimpoolheatersthumb2CN-Series Pool Heat Exchangers

We offer the CN series heat exchangers which can withstand the corrosive effects of salt water. Units are constructed of corrosion resistant cupro-nickel or titanium tubes and are ideal for both salt water and chlorine water pools. See CN-Series Pool Heat Exchangers


brazed page_alfa laval brazed heat exchangerBrazed Heat Exchangers

These fluid-to-fluid heat exchangers work much like an automobile radiator where the heat is transferred from a fluid to the surrounding air. They allow air to be passed over tubes containing the hot liquid. The tubes can be made of aluminum, copper, steel, or stainless steel, and are brazed or roller expanded to the header tank. See Brazed Heat Exchangers


ss_series page_ss240SS-Series Pool Heat Exchangers

We offer the SS-Series swimming pool heat exchangers for standard chlorinated swimming pools. The SS-Series pool heaters provide a simple method of heating swimming pool water indirectly from a central heating boiler. See SS-Series Pool Heat Exchangers


shellandtube page_shell and tube heat exShell and Tube Heat Exchangers

These fluid-to-fluid exchangers draw heat from a fluid and transmit it into a cooling fluid, usually water. These units are compact, reliable, and are often less expensive to install and maintain than other types. See Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers


sidearmpage_sidearm heat exchanger_wSidearm Heat Exchangers

Our sidearm heat exchangers are designed using the natural thermo-siphon concept for domestic water heating. They offer the best protection against cross contamination with potable water. See Sidearm Heat Exchangers


Shell and Coil Heat Exchangers

These heat exchangers are constructed using circular layers of helically corrugated tubes placed inside each other and are manufactured as a single unit with no removable parts. See Shell & Coil Heat Exchangers