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HTL Air to Water Heat Exchangers



Key features

  • Hydronic or custom coil sized to
    your needs
  • Maximized heat transfer with high
    density aluminum fins
  • Ideal for residential heating and


Heat Exchangers Online supplies air to water heat exchangers for a broad range of domestic heating and cooling applications. These air to water units are ideal for heating water in residential and public buildings. Compact and lightweight, these units are designed to maximize heat transfer by utilizing a series of 3/8″ copper tubes with a high density of aluminum fins. These fins are spaced in such a way that the fin density is an impressive 12 fins per inch. This unique design allows for heating loads of 50,000 to 60,000 Btu per square foot (please see dimension chart below). And though the fin density is high in these air to water heat exchangers, the flow resistance through the coils is surprisingly low.


Features of the Air to Water Heat Exchanger
  • Tube Coil is manufactured entirely of 3/8″ seamless copper
  • Plate Fin is made from Aluminum
  • The core housing is made from galvanized steel
  • Header is made from Copper and has a 1″ ID
  • The Tubeside is rated at 175 psig/350F
  • Plate Fin Spacing is 12 per inch
  • All connections are 1 inch ID Solder and can come with an optional flange and NPT
  • Units kept in stock for immediate delivery


  • Residential Heating and Cooling
  • Apartment Buildings and Condominiums
  • Hybrid Systems
  • Air Conditioning
  • Dehumidification
  • Inverter Cooling
  • Solar Heat Dumps