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Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

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Key features

Light weight
Highly efficient
Close approach
Flexible designs
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The brazed heat exchanger is the most advanced form of the compact plate heat exchanger especially designed for a wide range of applications in both process and hydronic applications. These heat exchangers are also widely used for refrigeration applications as evaporators, condensers and sub-coolers.


Advantages of the Brazed Heat Exchanger


Due to the high efficiency of the brazed plate heat exchangers, these heat exchangers are often half the size of conventional shell & tube heat exchangers. The smaller footprint also makes it easier to be installed on skid systems and portable equipment packages.

High Efficiency:
Due to the turbulent flow of the fluid in the channels, the heat transfer coefficients of our brazed plate heat exchangers are 3-5 times higher than that of a conventional shell & tube heat exchanger for a similar application.

Rugged Construction:
The brazed plate heat exchanger is brazed using 99.9% copper. The copper provides a strong bond when heated in a special furnace, keeping the plates bonded together. The heat exchangers have a high pressure-temperature rating. All our copper brazed heat exchangers are rated for 450 psig at 428˚F.

Closer Approach
The brazed plate heat exchanger can provide a temperature approach of 1˚F. This allows for maximum utilization of waste heat recovery.

24-Hour Service:
We can be reached on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week for any replacement of heat exchangers on an emergency basis.

We stock a complete range of brazed plate heat exchangers at our facility to meet all your heat transfer requirements.


Heat Exchangers Online stocks two types of brazed heat exchangers: Copper Brazed Heat Exchangers and Fusion Brazed Heat Exchangers.

Copper Brazed Heat Exchangers

Our Copper Brazed Heat Exchangers are manufactured using stainless steel plates and copper brazed in a furnace. This results in a turbulent flow pattern and allows for an extremely high heat transfer coefficient.


  • HVAC heating and cooling
  • process heating and cooling
  • refrigeration
  • oil heating and cooling
  • solar heating
  • district heating
  • domestic water heating

Fusion Brazed Heat Exchangers

 Our Fusion Brazed Heat Exchangers (FB-series) are manufactured using corrugated stainless steel plates instead of copper, a frame plate and a pressure plate. Our FB series heat exchangers are hygienic, resistant to corrosion, recyclable, and can withstand temperatures of up to 550˚C (1,020˚F).


  • suitable for chlorine pools, spas and hot tubs only
  • ideal for geothermal, solar and condensing low temperature boilers
  • heat recovery in commercial pools