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Oil Cooler Heat Exchanger

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Key Features

  • Suitable for temp. up to 150˚C or 200˚C
  • Available in cast iron or bronze
  • In stock

Hydraulic Oil Coolers are suitable for heat transfer fluids, lubricating and quenching oils. Our high quality products incorporate the best materials and the latest technical features. The tube stack is fully floating to minimize thermal stresses, and is easily removable for cleaning.


  • Standard seal material is nitrile; however, also available in ethyl propylene and viton
  • End covers are made of cast iron (suitable for freshwater applications) or bronze (suitable for contaminated freshwater or saltwater applications)
  • Our oil coolers are suitable for temperatures up to 150˚C or 200˚C


  • CHP or cogeneration
  • Underground coal mining


Sizing and Selection

Contact us for sizing inquiries. We require the following information for sizing:

  • Oil type or viscosity at a specified temperature (cST at ˚C)
  • Oil flow (l/min)
  • Required oil outlet temperature (˚C)
  • Heat to be dissipated (kW)
  • Temperature of cooling water (˚C)


Learn more about how our oil coolers contribute to CHP system efficiency.