Sidearm Heat Exchangers

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Key features

  • Designed using natural
    thermosiphon concept
  • Compact
  • Light weight


The Sidearm Heat Exchanger is designed using the natural thermo-siphon concept on the domestic hot water side. Traditional sidearms are made of two bare copper tubes. Their capacity is determined by the length of sidearm tubes and the heat transfer efficiency is very low. Our fin-enhanced sidearms are made of stainless steel and have a high heat transfer efficiency resulting from the utilization of an internal finned tube. The fin-tubed design provides a surface area five to eight times bigger than the bare-tube design and produces significant turbulence on the system side. The fin-enhanced sidearm provides a larger capacity and faster heating using a shorter unit. Fin-enhanced sidearms are available upon request.


Applications of the Sidearm Heat Exchanger
  • Due to the compact size and lightweight of the sidearm heat exchanger these units are ideal for residential heating and plumbing applications.
  • Also called domestic water heat exchangers, they are typically used to heat domestic water using either a conventional boiler, outdoor wood furnace or a solar hot water system.
  • Typically the domestic water is circulated by means of the thermosiphon principle which saves on the cost of a pump and the associated electrical costs.
  • In cases where faster heat recovery is required the domestic hot water should be circulated by means of a pump.
  • Pump circulation will typically provide a heat recovery 3 to 4 times greater than thermosiphoning.

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